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Case Results

Case Results

  • Aguilar v. Zep, Inc.– failure to reimburse job-related expenses, illegal wage deductions.

    In this multi-plaintiff action, the parties settled for a combined sum of $2,477,233.66, exclusive of attorneys’ fees.

  • Britto v. Zep, Inc.– multi-plaintiff action, failure to reimburse job-related expenses, illegal wage deductions
    Unreimbursed Expenses
    Wage & Hour Violations

    Plaintiffs’ action precipitated payments to over 80 of their co-workers and a permanent change in Defendants’ reimbursement and deductions policies and practices. The two original plaintiffs settled their claims in the amount of $338,985,19, exclusive of attorneys’ fees, including $275,000 in penalties under PAGA and substantial individual recoveries.

  • Cardoza v. Western Oil Spreading– class of prevailing wage workers

    The parties settled this case involving 30 workers at mediation for $150,000.00. Plaintiff’s commencement of the litigation compelled Defendant to voluntarily pay its workers $104,434.20 for taking out excessive fringe credits. Accordingly, the action resulted in a total recovery of over $254,000 exclusive of attorneys’ fees.

  • Clark v. Wolfe Engineering, Inc.– single plaintiff unpaid bonus

    Plaintiff’s claims were subject to arbitration, pursuant to which Plaintiff was awarded $65,854.26 for his individual claims exclusive of attorneys’ fees.